Why Routine Matters The word “Routine” is neither exciting nor attractive. In fact, it is synonymous with boring, normal, predictable or expected. And yet, a consistent daily routine is perhaps the single biggest predictor of success among athletes, business people, families, and anyone aspiring to reach greatness in any field or endeavor. The best Jiu-jitsu Read More

Jiu-jitsu Training

Get the Body Moving When your motivation dips and proves difficult to find again, it can be difficult to set and work toward meaningful goals. And, while self talk can be very useful, sometime the negative voices in our heads will drown out any attempt at positive self talk. That is why I firmly believe Read More

Fishing in South Carolina

GRATITUDE FOR ALL THINGS I just returned from a wonderful one week stay in South Carolina where I reconnected with family I haven’t seen in quite some time. The trip was one that my brother and I had been planning every year for the past 5 years. Unfortunately, something would always come up and we Read More

Our character enrichment kids program is unlike any in Texas. Our system of character skills combined with our world class Black Jiu-jitsu instructors makes our kids program unique. Over the past several years we have watched failing students become honor roll standouts; kids who were once bullied now stand tall with confidence; and physically weak, Read More

Our martial arts program will challenge you in a way that is more than just physical. Our classes are designed to teach our students to problem solve, overcome obstacles and push their limiting self beliefs…all while learning realistic self defense and martial arts skills. Our black belt master instructors work to bring the best out Read More