Warrior Crucible

What Is The Warrior Crucible

The Warrior Crucible is a unique experience designed for the martial artist who feels the call to master the physical, mental and spiritual domains of life. This one-of-a-kind event is NOT for everyone. It is for those who believe that there is more to be found within themselves and are courageous enough to journey into the depths of their souls. Each Warrior Crucible event is different than those from before. Like you, our organization is always learning, growing and exploring new and better ways to serve our team members. Currently we offer 8-hour, 16-hour, and 24-hour crucible event with training programs leading up the event itself.

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Who Is The Warrior Crucible For?

Martial Artists

For Martial Artists who wish to experience the full expression of the physical, mental and spiritual elements of Martial Arts and unlock their hidden potential

Team Tooke Members

Experience the next level above our Leadership Program where you will test your courage, grit and character


Step outside the realm of ordinary and experience a challenge that will reshape the way you prioritize your life and view the rest of the world

Select Martial Artists

For the past several years Team Tooke has hosted a very special event called The Warrior Crucible. Over the years this event has evolved and become one of the most unique challenges available to martial artists and athletes. Inspired by my training with Sealfit and participating in the Kokoro (a civilian version of the infamous Navy Seal Hell Week), I made it my mission to offer this type of challenge to my fellow martial artists.

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Team Tooke Members

In 2015, we had our first event, an intense 6-hour challenge. Today, we offer both 8-hour and a 16-hour events based on a student’s level of physical fitness and mental fortitude. The results have been astounding and the experience for my students has been even much more than I could have hoped for.


Select Civilians

Up until this point, the event was only offered to Team Tooke students and affiliate academies. For the first time in over 9 years, I am extending this event to the public. The Warrior Crucible teaches you how to dig deep and bring out your best self during the most challenging moments. Together with your team, you will learn more about yourself in one day than most do in several years.

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The Warrior Crucible is a life changing transformative process.

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