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Who Is Travis Tooke?

For over 20 years Travis Tooke has dedicated himself to mastering and teaching the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He is a passionate martial artist who is committed to serving his students and his community. He is the author of Jiu jitsu and Life: Lessons Learned On and Off the Mat. As the head instructor and CEO of Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts, Professor Travis has created a program that molds student into athletic martial artists and confident leaders.

The Full Story
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Professor Travis started Team Tooke in 2005 in his father’s garage with 0 students. With no college degree or business skills, he took a leap of faith and followed his dream of teaching martial arts. Over time, Travis continued to invest into his training, education and the right mentors. Today, Team Tooke is home to over 300 active students all training under the roof of a 9,000+ sq ft facility. The well-respected academy has created Jiu-jitsu champions and UFC fighters. But most importantly, Travis has helped to build a community of highly skilled and disciplined leaders who work together to keep growing as a team.

His Dream Career

When Travis watched the first UFC as a 14-year-old kid. He was fascinated and amazed by how effective Jiu-jitsu was when he watched Royce Gracie dismantle his opponents, all of whom were bigger than he was. He began training at age 16 and by age 17 (still a white belt), began to help teach classes. By age 20 Travis earned his brown belt and has the opportunity of a lifetime…to live and train in the motherland of Jiu-jitsu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Near the end of his 1-year stay, Travis earned his Black Belt from the legendary Carlos Gracie Jr. Upon his return in April 2005 he officially opened for business in the 20x20ft air conditioning free garage. Over the next 15 years, through trial and error, failure and rebound, Team Tooke has grown into one of the most successful Jiu-jitsu Academies in Texas.

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Team Tooke Martial Arts

Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy located in the Willowbrook part of North Houston will change your life. Our program specializes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. We have an 8,000 sq ft facility fully equipped with the best training equipment on the market. Our character enrichment youth program will arm your child with the confidence to succeed in an ever changing world. They will increase their discipline and respect while learning proven systems to combat bullying. Our adult programs specialize in helping students live up to their full potential both as skilled martial artists and confident individuals. We work together as a team and push one another to greater heights. Our instructors are masters in their craft and are dedicated to helping our students change their lives forever. We look forward to working with you and your family as you all train toward black belt.

Personal Life

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Travis is married to Ingrid Bay Tooke and they live together in Cypress, TX. He met his wife while living in Brazil and he is fluent in Portuguese. In addition to training and teaching Jiu-jitsu, he loves to travel the world and experience new cultures. Recently he helped establish the first Jiu-jitsu Academy in the country of Zambia with world renowned minister Voddie Baucham. He also enjoys fishing, playing guitar and learning new skills.

Book Author Travis Tooke

As serial-entrepreneur and author of multiple books Travis offers his books online at Amazon Kindle Direct

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Lessons Learned On And Off The Mat

More than just a book about martial arts, this is a sometimes humorous, sometimes gut-wrenching look at what it tales to succeed – both in martial arts and in business – when you start with only grit, tenacity, and heart.


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Travis Tooke – Author and Coach

  • Travis takes you through his hard-fought journey in BJJ and tells a story of hardships, success and some painfully personal truths. As a practitioner you'll gain wisdom to help your BJJ growth. Those inspired to begin a business will learn valuable lessons often only discovered the hard way. Those who have shared a portion of their BJJ journey with Travis will be reminded of memories and why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than a workout or self defense class.

  • Travis breaks down the trials and tribulations it takes to run not only a successful academy but an academy period. He shows that we will and will OFTEN fail, But it’s relentlessness and forced habits that will keep you afloat. Truly inspiring

  • This is a must for any BJJ or Martial Arts practitioner! This story of adversity is great and can be easily related to by anyone who has have ever struggled looking, finding and following their passion. It also shows the use of a positive mindset that is willing to work towards goals, turning them into dreams. This is also a must read for any Martial Arts Academy owner or possible future owner. Highly recommended!!!