Inspirational read!

  • Travis breaks down the trials and tribulations it takes to run not only a successful academy but an academy period. He shows that we will and will OFTEN fail, But it’s relentlessness and forced habits that will keep you afloat. Truly inspiring

Life Lessons and Amazing Storytelling

  • I sat down to read this book and was not able to put it down until I had finished it twice. Great stories from Professor Tooke as well as amazing life lessons. He shares highs and lows, wins and losses and does so in a way that shows great humility and the outstanding leader that he is. The thing I took away from this book is that it paints a real picture of what challenges really are like, and not only the discipline it took for him to push through but also how he has surrounded himself with the right people to continue to believe in and push him. This book is more than worth your time and will be something you keep going back to for lessons, motivation or even just a good smile.

Outstanding read!

  • This is a must for any BJJ or Martial Arts practitioner! This story of adversity is great and can be easily related to by anyone who has have ever struggled looking, finding and following their passion. It also shows the use of a positive mindset that is willing to work towards goals, turning them into dreams. This is also a must read for any Martial Arts Academy owner or possible future owner. Highly recommended!!!

For business owners too

  • I loved seeing Travis's journey and growth from a teen amazed by the Gracies' Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to training in their organization, and then learning to navigate the world of business using the same guts and gumption that got him to black belt. Funny, endearing, and a joy to read. More than just a martial arts story, it's a story about what it takes to achieve any goals in business and in life.

Great Read

  • Whether you have interest in personal growth, advice that can be applied to your professional life, or something motivational to read, this book has a little bit of it all added with Professor Travis's own personal spin on it. A great mentor, motivator, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, being afforded the opportunity to see the world from his point of view through this book was a great pleasure and I highly recommend anyone involved in the sport, or who owns their own business to give it a read.

An easy read of the so easy

  • Travis takes you through his hard-fought journey in BJJ and tells a story of hardships, success and some painfully personal truths. As a practitioner you'll gain wisdom to help your BJJ growth. Those inspired to begin a business will learn valuable lessons often only discovered the hard way. Those who have shared a portion of their BJJ journey with Travis will be reminded of memories and why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than a workout or self defense class.


  • A martial artist's journey from humble beginnings to business success. Like all real success stories this is not linear nor without setbacks and it's jam packed with life lessons from both Travis himself and some of his mentors. It's written in such a way that you feel you are talking to Travis. The book reads itself. Martial artists, budding entrepreneurs or anyone looking for a story on perseverance and what it takes to succeed should read this book.