Putting Things Into Proper Perspective 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for the whole planet. Covid-19 threw a wrench into everyone’s plans, goals and dreams for the year. And while a few people may have struck it rich in the stock market, the rest of the planet was busy dealing with job losses, shutdowns, Read More

Gratitude for Veterans With the current tension surrounding the election coupled with this pandemic, there is a great deal of complaining going on. And while I fully support everyone’s right to complain, argue and stand for what they believe in, we sometimes forget why we have this right to begin with.  For Veterans Day, I Read More

Torres Jiu-jitsu Academy

Torres Jiu-jitsu Grand Opening in Spring, TX On Saturday, November 7th, Team Tooke Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Michael Torres celebrated his Grand Opening. Professor Mike started his school similar to Professor Travis Tooke, in a very small location! As he grew, he was forced to find a location that could support his larger student base. The Read More

Warrior Crucible

Competing with Yourself In the competitive world we live in it seems that winning against our competitors is a high priority. In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, 2 athletes start a match but only one will be declared the victor. In team sports, 2 teams play but only one wins. It seems simple enough and the stakes are Read More

Why Routine Matters The word “Routine” is neither exciting nor attractive. In fact, it is synonymous with boring, normal, predictable or expected. And yet, a consistent daily routine is perhaps the single biggest predictor of success among athletes, business people, families, and anyone aspiring to reach greatness in any field or endeavor. The best Jiu-jitsu Read More