The most difficult civilian course on the planet I recently enrolled into what is largely considered the most physically and mentally challenging course available to non military civilians. The event is called “Kokoro”, and was created by Sealfit CEO and former Navy Seal commander Mark Divine. It is a grueling 50 hour crucible modeleed after Read More

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What I have learned over the years Tomorrow I turn 40 years young. In many ways it’s hard to believe. I remember as a young man thinking how “old” 40 was. I also recall this idea that whenever I eventually reach that age, I would be wise and mature with answers to all of life’s Read More

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7 Ways to Guarantee an Unhappy Life We spend a great amount of our time and energy longing for happiness and meaning. There is no perfect formula for everyone and we must all balance our opportunities and experiences with who we are as individuals. Knowing this is often not enough and finding true meaning can Read More

Warrior Crucible

Warrior Crucible Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy is preparing for the next installment of the Warrior Crucible. The Warrior Crucible is a 12+ hour martial arts military style event designed to test the stamina, character and inner spirit of all participants. Novice athletes and beginner level martial arts students should consider doing the course Read More

28 degrees

It’s freezing! So go outside I’m writing this after just completing a 2.36 mile run through my neighborhood. This is not very exciting news, I know. But add to the story that it’s 28 degrees outside and I was wearing only a tank top and shorts! In Houston where I live, we may only experience Read More