Jiu-jitsu Training

Start with the Physical

Get the Body Moving

When your motivation dips and proves difficult to find again, it can be difficult to set and work toward meaningful goals. And, while self talk can be very useful, sometime the negative voices in our heads will drown out any attempt at positive self talk. That is why I firmly believe that starting with physical activity is key to getting your mind into a better state. Running, swimming, weight training, cycling and especially Jiu-jitsu are all greta ways to snap the brain out of a funk. Without going too deep into the science behind why physical activity is so effective, let’s just say that getting the body moving often provides the clarity and focus that the mind needs to press forward and win the day.

Why Jiu-jitsu

All forms of physical exercise can provide mental benefits. As a Jiu-jitsu practitioner for the past 23 years, I’m obviously biased toward what I love. But hear me out…Jiu-jitsu offers a complete body workout. Arms, Legs, Core, Back, Aerobic, Anaerobic, strength, flexibility,…etc. But just as valuable as the physical workout is the mental challenge. Jiu-jitsu requires its students to think critically, strategize and solve the puzzle of your trained opponent. It’s quite literally like chess…with the addition of someone trying to choke you LOL! The truth is that when you are engaged in an activity like Jiu-jitsu where your heart rate is up, your breathing is focused and your mind is fully engaged, your motivation will almost certainly increase. This will carry over into your other goals and you will start to feel the compounding effect of physical training and mental stimulation. In short, your motivation will reignite and you’ll feel more like the person you want to be. Now get out there and start moving!

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