Your Daily Routine Matters

Why Routine Matters

The word “Routine” is neither exciting nor attractive. In fact, it is synonymous with boring, normal, predictable or expected. And yet, a consistent daily routine is perhaps the single biggest predictor of success among athletes, business people, families, and anyone aspiring to reach greatness in any field or endeavor. The best Jiu-jitsu athletes competing and winning at the highest level typically train twice a day. They also have a daily strength and conditioning program and follow a balanced diet. When preparing for a competition, they adjust their routine and training to prepare for the specific event. Find any top performing athlete, musician, author…etc. and you will find many similarities. Basketball players practice their shots daily, guitarist play their scales daily, and authors make a habit of writing daily. Over time, their skills become second nature and everyone starts calling them “gifted”. Sure, natural talent does exist, but it’s no substitute for thousands of hours of honing your craft. Excluding lottery winners, winning in sport, family, business, and life requires the accumulation of skills that only come with daily, consistent practice. And without a daily routine, your practice will be random and your skillset will be very slow to develop.

How to Develop a Routine

Developing a daily routine does not need to be complicated. In fact, it’s as easy as choosing 1 thing to do at the same time every day. For example, let’s say you are new to exercise and would like to get into shape. Creating a routine of walking or jogging for 1.5 miles every morning at 7am is a great start. Starting at the same time will help keep you on track. As you improve, adjust your output. Perhaps challenge yourself to a 1.5 mile jog instead of a walk.  Then 2 miles, then add in some calisthenics and so on. If you miss the 7am time slot, you can always finish at a different time. But try to always come back to the same 7am time slot. This will allow you to add new goals to your day without interfering with your fitness goals.

Breaking Routine

Now, it’s not to say that you can never break your routine. In fact, a break from routine is not only allowed but important. Burnout can be the result of never giving yourself a change of scenery. An occasional vacation, a day off, a rock concert, or pursuing a lifelong dream will require a break or a modification from your daily routine. These breaks can actually be refreshing and help the mind refocus. Just be careful that your “break” doesn’t become a new routine of sit coms and Oreos…MMM…Oreos!

Check out the video below where I outline my average daily routine


Click here to watch the video


Travis Tooke

CEO/Master Instructor at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts

Published Author of Jiu-jitsu and Life


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